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Imagine a whisky-drinking Elvis Presley, dressed head to toe in couture, reading To Kill A Mockingbird.


Welcome to the brain of Ellie Rose. A place where Chanel, Chaucer and Marilyn Manson co exist. She really needs a notebook though, as most thoughts and ideas seem to end up being scribbled on napkins.


Ellie was born on 9th August 1995 as Eleanor August Rose. "Eleanor" was a queen in a history book her sister was reading on the day she was born, and her eldest sister insisted that she be named August after the month.The singer/songwriter has African, Indian and Welsh roots, but was born and raised in London and describes herself as "a 100% British Londoner". 


She has played the guitar since the age of 9 when her father taught her his favourite songs such as "Your Mother Should Know" by The Beatles. Ellie has always been a creative soul, and grew up taking photos and videos of everything she did and putting those images to her music. 

Ellie has been playing pubs and clubs for nearly 15 years, and has done over 300 gigs all over the UK including festivals such as the Isle of Wight, Secret Garden Party, Greenbelt and Glastonbury where she played on the BBC Introducing stage. She is very close with her mother, and even took her to the Glastonbury gig where they danced all night to Kanye and ended up at a random party in the woods at 3am where Fat Boy Slim was playing.

Ellie has supported the likes of chart toppers Rixton, Adam Ant and twice Grammy winner Semisonic’s Dan Wilson. 


Her current obsession is the song “I’ll Be Seeing You”, especially the Françoise Hardy and Iggy Pop version which she loves to sing to while doing the dishes. She also is a fan of French music. Her favourite song growing up was “Moi Lolita” by Alizée, but in her words, "I’ve always been appalling at French so I still don’t know what the lyrics mean!" 

In late 2018, Ellie released the song "Naked" (co-written by Alex Charles) about the anxiety of just meeting someone you really like. The sounds in the recording were inspired by her travels around South America that year. She loves her music to sound vintage, rich and classy, and her lyrics explore her sexuality with a hint of humour.

"Audrey" released in 2019 is inspired by Ellie's idol: Audrey Hepburn. The melancholy lyrics revive the spirit of the years when she lived in Hollywood, and all the promises that were made to her when she was there.


On her artwork she likes to use millennial pink as a nod to her generation. Despite the criticism of her generation, she is a proud millennial. 

She enjoys playing dress up. At her 3 sold-out London headline shows, she dressed as:

- a bride at the Old Blue Last

- Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman at Servants Jazz Quarters

- and a librarian at Paper Dress Vintage


One word to describe her? 


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